El pequeño mono me mira… ¡Quisiera decirme algo que se le olvida!

Ateles encourages the wise use of nature, and empowers a new generation of conservationists!!

We focused on the research and conservation of Mexican Spider Monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) to create Ateles, an academic project consisting of six episodes to talk about the animal in its world

Ateles is a project to dialogue about how human actions affect the natural ecosystems, and gathers the voices of local children and environmental educators to inspire positive actions. 

Discover what children say about monkey’s conservation!! This short video represented Mexico during the Conservation Symposium in 2018 at the Chester Zoo, where Dr. Luisa Rebecchini presented our collaborative work. 

Ateles embraces the positive conservationism movement and includes three academic reports, created with the participation of the National Geographic explorers, Filippo Aureli and Denise Spaan, along with members of the Liverpool John Moores University, Universidad Veracruzana and the NGO ConMonoMaya. 

Filippo Aureli and Denise Spaan. Photo: National Geographic Society.

Ateles” is part of the third season of “Beyond Science”, a season devoted to social complex phenomena. Its production was authorised by the Mexican Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, and released for national broadcasting in RTV and Canal Once.

The creativity behind

The name of Ateles is derived from the genus Ateles of the spider monkeys, found in the tropical forests of southern Mexico. 

Its visual design incorpores bright green colours from the jungle, in contrast with soft sand coloured visual elements, that make the perfect balance to enjoy the view, and stay present along the narrative.  

We collaborated with Colectivo Hojarasca to create outstanding images of the monkeys and the natural reserves of the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Watch Ateles here: 

Music: The Wizardry Project.

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