Climate is already changing. The causes of the raising of the temperatures, are a matter of debate. However, no one can deny that climate change is the most challenging societal problem that we face today. 

As responsible citizens, we are concerned about our societal issues. We wanted to start the conversation on what scientists have to say about climate change: its denial, the upcoming changes in the short and long terms, and the possible solutions to mitigate climate change effects. 

With the participation of top leading scientist in complexity sciences, we created “Celsius”, a short documentary in four episodes including “Climate chance as a complex system”, “The modern society”, “Mobility and urban development” and “Human wellbeing: new paradigms”. 

“Celsius” is part of the third season of “Beyond Science, a season devoted to social complex phenomena. This work was produced during the Conference on Complex Systems 2017. “Celsius” was promoted by the International Association of Broadcast Meteorology of Ireland, and released for national broadcasting in RTV, TV Mar, TVUJAT, Televisión Educativa and Canal Once.

The creativity behind

The name of “Celsius” is derived from the temperature scale used by the International System of Units. It takes the colour from Mexico’s Caribbean waters, as water is one of the main atmospheric gases regulating the temperature. 

This short documentary is ideal for the curious minds, those open to new perspectives, and avid of positive actions… Curious audiences are highly demanding, so we did an extensive research on complexity and climate change for long weeks. This research required an interesting exploration of colours, textures and motifs to decide the final appearance and tone of “Celsius”, which includes some visual elements inspired in the work of Stanley Kubrick.

Despite being a documentary containing strong scientific opinions, “Celsius” was designed to be beautiful and simple. It has minimalist images of smoothly moving waters, and tree barks from different species. The soundtrack, created under the signature of The Wizardry Project, includes thoughtful themes with emotions ranging from “Monkey spirit” to “Aesthetic love”, and a leitmotif of electric magic bells embedded in an eerie atmosphere… can you identify it?

Watch “Celsius” here: 

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