November, the poetic, vigorous month of great winds. In November, Autumn empowers the essence of life through the abundant air. Dry leaves fly in a subtle seasonal transition, calling for love, introspection and stability. 

This is “Beyond dancing” November edition. A continuation of the modular structure from the previous season. Intense electronic beats collide with healing crystal singing bowls. The spirit of dancing is more organic, thoughtful. Aims to convey movements with ease, scientifically explained. This new vision creates a cult for those great dancers and performances of our cultural history.

This season extends its scope to national dance professionals with international projections. A product of creative and scientific collaboration, “Beyond dancing” November edition leaves inspired Mexican dancers now staging for top worldwide companies, such as the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

“Beyond dancing” November edition was a star of the Mexican Pantalla de Cristal Film Festival 2014

Enjoy the best of “Beyond dancing” November edition here: 

“Beyond dancing” November edition was created for Tele UV in collaboration with dancers, choreographers and researchers from the University of Veracruz, independent dance professionals and dance academies. Head of Department: Arleth Barradas. Creative Direction and Production Manager: Yessica Herrera. Crew: Tele UV production unit.

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