2013 Best TV show and Science Communication winner, ANUIES

With a careful balance of neon lights, electronic beats and dancers’ bodies, “Beyond dancing” purple edition takes the hearts of Mexican dancers to the sensibility of avid dance spectators. 

This cutting edge TV series merges science and arts by including a variety of topics, ranging from dance techniques and health tips, to the neural mechanisms of dance observation and performance. 

“Beyond dancing” purple edition explores the concept of “module”, that architects use to combine beauty with efficiency. The modular contents then can be visualised on demand by our audiences, according to their preferences. Each module is a source of inspiration for dancers. A motivation to be curiouser and curiouser!!

Aesthetically designed with a dynamic, flowing style, “Beyond dancing” purple edition longs to take the passion of dancing from behind the scenes, to the beyond…

Watch some of the modules in this link, plus exciting choreographies by (mostly) Mexican creatives.

You can see what dance professionals think about “Beyond dancing” purple edition here:

“Beyond dancing” purple edition is an awarded production created for Tele UV in collaboration with dancers, choreographers and researchers from the University of Veracruz and dance academies. Head of Department: Ferrer González Lima. Creative Direction and Production Manager: Yessica Herrera. Crew: Tele UV production unit.

One thought on “Presenting “Beyond dancing” purple edition

  1. Yessica Herrera realizó varios programas en televisión de la Universidad Veracruzana, actualmente estos programas pueden verlos en demanda y en la televisión estatal de Veracruz!


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